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So you guys know I'm in high school now*sighs*fuck high school I see no point of it. I fucking hate this god damn school, i'm so fucking ready to beat the living shit out of some of the guys.fuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk I had a guy that's in my algebra class and he fucking tells me that he sit's next to a cheerleader in is 3 period,and I fucking turn around and I go off on this mother fucker, you don't fucking tell me this shit, hey fucker I know I'm shy and shit but once you tell me this shit and he fucking sits there talks to all the guys at the table about this shit, i fucking went off on him and his eyes when wide as hell, I'm a shy person but once you fuck with me that fucking leaves I'm ready to fucking beat your god damn ass. Guys at this high school are shit but there's gay guys at my school and I'm friends with them and stuff so I made friends with people that are in high grade and shit so if people fucking start shit with me, i can tell my friends and they'll fucking tell the people to leave me alone and shit, so fuck yeeeeeesssss.But I've got guys that pick on me and then try to flirt with me, you don't fucking do this shit to me you try to talk shit about me and then think you can get me, just leave you don't do that shit. so if you try to start shit with me and then try to get with me then don't try to get with me because  I'll fucking tell you off. BUt anyway my teachers are shit they can't teach at all, its horrible. But I do have to say I get a lot of looks from people since I wear all black to school so you know its easy to fine me at school*giggles*but I mean hey I love black its fucking I am still taken by my boyfriend and stuff.ooooohhhhhhhh guys I'm 14 by the way but i'll be 15 on October the 4 oh and I'm, in to serial killers btw.i fucking love serial killers I read so much shit about them its horrible. I don't think I told you guys that skate board and stuff but yeah I do that shit. soooooooo if theres anything you want to know just ask *smiles*  


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United States
hey fuckers

oh and I long board

I have two friends in real life that is my billy and baka bitches

I'm a classic rock person,heavy metal,rock srceamo.I love old moves .I love to help poeple no matter what is going on.I like someof my friends not all of them.I love drawing anime and other thing's as well.I'm a shy person when you meet me in really life or when you call me.I"m in love with old cars aw will anything old and history i love that to death just stuff about the world is something so amazing.Everything to me is just amazing in it's own way.I don't care that much about what poeple call me.I care about everyone who's nice and sweet to me.To me everyone who cares to read this i say thank you but if you have anything to ask me you can.I also like dogs,drawin,reading,history and many other thing's to.I care about all my fiends evern if i donn't know you i would like to know if you need a hand with anything,if your feeling sad you can tell me and if you want we can talkon notes i wont judge you i don't care if you gay or anything if you a nice person i'll be nice to you and if you an asshole then leave this page plz :)

Avenged Sevenfold
Falling in reverse fan
bring me the horizon
three days grace fan
Papa Roach Fan
in this monet
Jeffre star Fan
Panic At The Disco fan
Paramore Fan
Thirty seconds To Mars Fan
get scared
escape the fate
miss may I
a day to remember
Memphis may fire
of mice and men
motionless in white
Mayday parade

I'm fans of all those bands and more



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